Friday, June 28, 2013 has many world-class educational resources for use within the community of the church.
  • Over 900 hours of instruction (73 classes), and constantly growing
  • Wide range of topics, from new believers, lay and elder training, to seminary-level classes
  • Top professors from 14 schools
  • Broadly evangelical, not tied to any one church, denomination, or theological tradition
  • We value holistic education (head, heart, hands) delivered in community in mentor/apprenticeship relationships


 Here are some of the classes:

TH101     52 Major Stories of the Bible     Dr. Bill Mounce
TH150     Dynamics of Christian Spirituality     Dr. Glen Scorgie
NT110     Essentials of Biblical Hermeneutics     Dr. Mark Strauss
WM201     Essentials of World Missions     Dr. Timothy Tennent
CM151     Essentials of Worship     Dr. Gary Parrett
NT102     How to Study Your Bible     Dr. George Guthrie

BiblicalTraining Institute 
TH710     Advanced Worldview Analysis     Dr. Ron Nash
NT201     Biblical Greek     Dr. Bill Mounce
NT510     Biblical Hermeneutics     Dr. Robert Stein
TH601     Christian Apologetics     Dr. Ron Nash
ET501     Christian Ethics     Dr. Ron Nash
CH502     Church History I     Dr. Gerald Bray
CH503     Church History II     Dr. Gerald Bray
EM502     Educational Ministry of the Church     Dr. Gary Parrett
NT203     Greek Tools for Bible Study     Dr. Bill Mounce
NT538     Hebrews     Dr. George Guthrie
TH620     History of Philosophy and Christian Thought     Dr. Ron Nash
WM646     Introduction to Buddhism     Dr. Timothy Tennent
WM645     Introduction to Hinduism     Dr. Timothy Tennent
WM647     Introduction to Islam     Dr. Timothy Tennent
NT511     Introduction to the New Testament: Gospel and Acts     Dr. Craig Blomberg
NT512     Introduction to the New Testament: Romans to Revelation     Dr. Craig Blomberg
NT520     Life of Christ     Dr. Darrell Bock
CH643     Martin Luther     Dr. Gordon Isaac
NT521     New Testament Introduction     Dr. Ben Witherington
NT502     New Testament Survey – Acts to Revelation     Dr. Robert Stein
NT501     New Testament Survey – Gospels     Dr. Robert Stein
NT504     New Testament Survey: Acts-Revelation     Dr. Thomas Schreiner
NT575     New Testament Theology     Dr. Frank Thielman
OT500     Old Testament Survey     Dr. Douglas Stuart
OT590     Old Testament Theology     Dr. Paul House
PR600     Preaching     Dr. Bryan Chapell
DMS506     Principles of Effective Leadership     Dr. John Johnson
NT666     Revelation     Dr. Robert Mulholland
NT620     Romans     Dr. Douglas Moo
TH503     Systematic Theology I     Dr. Bruce Ware
TH504     Systematic Theology II     Dr. Bruce Ware
WM601     The World Mission of the Church     Dr. Timothy Tennent
TH610     Theology and Practice of Evangelism     Dr. Robert Tuttle, Jr.
DMS501     Theology of Ministry     Dr. John Johnson
WM602     Theology of World Missions     Dr. Peter Kuzmi?
CM551     Worship     Dr. Gary Parrett

LD225     Biblical Eldership     Dr. John Piper
BT201     Biblical Theology     Dr. Craig Blomberg
LD415     Desiring God     Dr. John Piper
EM152     Essentials of Christian Education     Dr. Gary Parrett
OT190     Essentials of Old Testament Theology     Dr. Paul House
LD425     Future Grace/Battling Unbelief     Dr. John Piper
LD615     Gravity and Gladness on Sunday Morning     Dr. John Piper
PR100     Introduction to Public Speaking     Dr. Bryan Chapell
CM100     Mentoring the New Believer     Dr. Bill Mounce
LD420     Prayer, Meditation and Fasting     Dr. John Piper
LD620     Sexual Complementarity     Dr. John Piper
EM153     Small Group Dynamics     Dr. Ron Pyle
TH250     Spiritual Formation     Dr. John Coe
LD220     Suffering for the Sake of the Body     Dr. John Piper
LD625     T.U.L.I.P     Dr. John Piper
NT120     The New Testament, its Basic Structure, Content, and Theology     Dr. Bill Mounce
EV327     Urban Church Planting     Dr. Don Davis
LD215     Why We Believe the Bible     Dr. John Piper
WM240     World Religions     Dr. Timothy Tennent

SBO01     Breaking the Da Vinci Code     Dr. Darrell Bock
CH100     Church History     Dr. Gordon Isaac
TH201     Essentials of Christian Apologetics     Dr. Ron Nash
ET101     Essentials of Christian Ethics     Dr. Ron Nash
TH220     Essentials of Philosophy and Christian Thought     Dr. Ron Nash
OT100     Essentials of the Old Testament     Dr. Douglas Stuart
TH310     Essentials of Worldview Analysis     Dr. Ron Nash
CH201     History of the English Bible     Dr. Daniel Wallace
TH251     Spiritual Warfare     Dr. Gerry Breshears
CH243     The Essential Luther     Dr. Gordon Isaac
TH230     Theology of the Reformers     Dr. Timothy George

TH100     Life is a Journey     Dr. Bill Mounce

What Is Reformed Theology by R.C. Sproul

  1. Introduction
  2. Catholic, Evangelical, and Reformed
  3. Scripture Alone
  4. Faith Alone (Part 1)
  5. Faith Alone (Part 2)
  6. Covenant
  7. Total Depravity (Part 1)
  8. Total Depravity (Part 2)
  9. Unconditional Experience
  10. Limited Atonement
  11. Irresistible Grace
  12. Perseverance of the Saints

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"The History and Theology of Calvinism" by Dr. Curt Daniel (Downloadable MP3 Messages)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Understanding What the Gospel Is with R.C. Sproul

What Is the Gospel?

1. The Good News of the Kingdom
2. The Good News is Christ Himself

Understanding the Gospel

1. The Gospel of God
2. Power to Save
3. Jesus: The Only Savior
4. Jesus: The God-Man
5. The Perfect Sacrifice
6. Resurrection and Justification
7. Imputation
8. The Righteousness of Christ
9. A Life-Changing Gospel
10. Saving Faith
11. Christ and Doctrine
12. Proclaiming the Gospel

Justification by Faith Alone