Friday, June 30, 2017

Devotions and Prayers of John Calvin

I've enjoyed and profited from a book titled, "Devotions and Prayers of John Calvin." It turns this 1976 book is a re-print of a 19th century book with at least two titles, "Expositions and Prayers from Calvin" or "Scripture Texts with Expositions and Sentence-Prayers from Calvin's Commentaries on the Minor Prophets".

The book is freely available online!!! HERE:

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Reformed Theological Seminary Lectures

There are many freely available lectures and courses on various religious and philosophical topics at Reformed Theological Seminary. All one needs to do is connect to their iTunes webpage and download the iTunes app (if you don't have it already). Currently, the link is here:

The link may be changed in the future. In which case, you can eventually find the link at the seminary's main website (usually under Resources).

They have many courses on topics like apologetics, theology, church history, history of philosophy et cetera.